Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greetings and Salutations!

It's been my intent to start a nature blog on here for quite awhile but somehow the idea slipped my brain time and time again.  Well I've finally come around and decided to get one started!  As some of you are hopefully aware it's been my hobby and passion the past few years to capture natures beauty with my camera lens and share it through my Facebook page (which can be found at A.L. Gibson Photography...hey it's my blog so no harm in the free plug!).  I decided to take it to the blogging level to increase my audience and be able to go more in depth with the identification, natural history and interesting nuggets of information I so love to blab on and on about.  With time I hope to establish this as a solid field guide to many of our great states native flora and fauna.  Since my passion runs deepest in the botanical world I will try to keep things balanced between my beloved plants and our more 'mobile' wildlife...but no promises!  Ultimately I hope this blog inspires many of you to get off your duffs and take the time to lace up your hiking boots and see many of the things I share for yourself!  A park, forest, nature preserve, etc. is never too far away to explore at any time of the year.  Here is a map of the 89 public Nature Preserves in Ohio.  Check back day to day for new posts as I will do my best to keep this updated 4-5 times a week.

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