Monday, June 1, 2015

It Looks Like Rain...

I've been an admirer of Mother Nature's artwork for as long as I can remember and few pieces leave me more breathless than a raucous thunderstorm looming on the horizon...

Please click the photo to see it in a large, higher resolution

Growing up on the glaciated till plains of west-central Ohio, I got my seasonal fill of them every spring and summer.  The flat landscape of agriculture country allowed for a straight view west with little to get in the way.  You could watch a super cell's anvil-like thunderhead pierce the atmosphere and roll in for miles and miles before having to finally duck for cover.

Southeastern Ohio has plenty of summer thunderstorms as well but the rugged topography offers little chance at visually enjoying the building anticipation of their arrival.  I love living down in the hills and hollers but storm watching is one aspect of my home area I often miss.  So while back there this past weekend I was beyond pleased at the opportunity to reacquaint myself with that treasured feeling of awe and calm before the storm.  I was mowing the family farm when I saw this storm approaching from the southwest and knew we were in for a doozy.  The clouds churned and lightning danced from the bottom of the cell with the reverberating bass of thunder following.  The torrent of rain and blowing winds that came with it were equally impressive.

It felt good to experience my first quality storm of the season and hope there's more to come.  We could really use the rain as it is and I'd welcome an all-day steady soaker just as much.  It's fascinating to think of the energy that comes together to create these monsters only to dissipate to nothing shortly after.  Nature never ceases to amaze me.