Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bruce Peninsula

 Well, it's nearly time to come back home from the Bruce Peninsula but what an incredible time it has been!  So many amazing plants and sights I've seen and experienced I don't think I could ever properly put them into words!  I will be doing a whole series of posts upon my return, as I just haven't had the free time or energy while up here.  In the mean time if you'd like to see a collection of over 100 photographs and counting from my experiences up here please, please click this link!  This will take you to a public page for my photo album on Facebook.  You don't need to be my friend or even be a registered member of Facebook to view them.  Just click the link and it should take you right to it!  Be sure to click the first photo to see it larger and read the little blurbs I post for each one then use your arrow keys to move back and forth through the album!

I've been amazed what I was able to squeeze into just under a week in this magical paradise of geological wonders and botanical pleasures and I still have another day to go!  I have documented over 150 flowering plants while up here, including 18 species of orchids!  A cold and wet spring (much like what back home in Ohio experienced) has caused many orchids to be delayed so of the 18 species a little over half of them were in bloom while the rest were in buds, teasing me at how they will be flowering as soon as I leave but there's always next time!  I missed a few plants I wanted to see and will leave before a few others but all in all I've gotten to see SO much of what I wanted and more.  So stay tuned for quite a few exciting posts about my time up here on the magnificent Bruce peninsula.  I'd stay forever if I could!

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  1. Looks like an absolutely stunning place. Would like to see it sometime.