Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Wildflower Quiz *Answered*

*Thanks to those who participated!  I read quite a few correct answers and I can't lie and say I didn't enjoy some of the trickier ones holding to their purpose!  The answers are now under the pictures and I will leave a comment with the correct names as well.  I think I will do another from to time just to keep things fresh and everyone's braincells active.

Think you know your Ohio spring wildflowers?  Well this post will put your knowledge and identification skills to the test.  I didn't want to have this super easy nor really hard so I decided to split it down the middle with some easier, well-known plants to boost confidence, a few to test the novice and amateur wildflower enthusiast and a couple more that may prove too difficult.  So let's see what you got!  All are native to Ohio and all have either already bloomed, blooming now or just starting!  Give it a try and leave your answers in the comment box.  I will post answers a few days down the road once my loyal readers and contributors give their guesses/answers.  If you want to know how you did sooner than later feel free to email me.  Best of luck to those who give it a go! :)

Remember, as always you can click the photographs to see them in a larger, more detailed resolution!

Trillium recurvatum - Prairie Trillium (T)
Uvularia sessilifolia - Sessile Bellwort

Caltha palustris - Marsh Marigolds
Hepatica americana - Round-lobed Hepatica

Viola walteri - Walter's Violet (T)
Jeffersonia diphylla - Twinleaf

Geranium maculatum - Wild Geranium

Cardamine angustata - Slender Toothwort
Trillium flexipes - Nodding Trillium (red form)

Pedicularis canadensis - Wood Betony
Viola blanda - Sweet White Violet

Cardamine concatenata - Cutleaf Toothwort
Silene virginica - Fire Pink


  1. Ok a rookie shot..
    1 toad trillium
    2 wild oats
    3 marsh marigold
    4 Hepatica
    5 a violet
    6 bloodroot
    7 wild geranium
    8 spring cress
    9 a red trillium or a red wake robin
    11 canada violet
    13 Cutleaf toothwort

  2. I might have to amend answer 1 to a prarie trillium

  3. Ooh, what fun! I'll give it a shot even though many of your Ohio flowers are way out of range for a northern New Yorker.
    1 Prairie Trillium (note drooping sepals)
    2 Sessile-leaved Bellwort (Wild Oats)
    3 Marsh Marigold
    4 Hepatica (round-leaved)
    5 Some kind of blue violet (is it stemmed or basal? Downy or smooth?)
    6 Flower looks like Bloodroot or Twinleaf, but are those grass-like leaves part of the plant?
    7 Wild Geranium
    8 Mustard-family, maybe Slender Toothwort?
    9 Red Trillium
    10 Wood Betony
    11 Sweet White Violet (upper petals bent back)
    12 Fire Pink? Royal Catchfly? Some kind of Silene
    13 Cutleaf Toothwort

  4. Woodswalker,

    The "blue violet" is finely pubescent on its leaves and stems and is not a stemless violet. It also is stoloniferous, forming large mats given the opportunity, not to mention a violet that more or less creeps along the ground.

    The leaves in #6 have no relation to the bloom, although if you look carefully behind the wild onion leaves you can see this plants leaves a bit out of focus but ID'able with some squinting perhaps!

  5. I thought #10 a lousewort,I have seen a yellow blooming one recently.The Sessile Trillium just started blooming in the last few days here in S IA.

  6. What a great idea to have a quiz! Too bad I already looked at the answers given above, although I only know half of these. Thanks for stopping by my blog, BTW. Love seeing new faces!

  7. Alright..I'm futher amending 12 from ? to Fire Pink Silene virginica, 10 does look like a wood betony pedicularis canadensis, but i thought they were yellow?? any way..Final Answer!

  8. Without looking at everyone else's answers

    1: Toadshade Trillium
    2: Bellwort (don't know what kind, though)
    3: Cinquefoil?
    4: Hepatica
    5: Downy violet? (or maybe a trickier violet?)
    6: ?????
    7: Wild Geranium
    8: Toothwort of some sort
    9: Red Trillium
    10: something in the mint family
    11: Canadian White Violiet
    12: Firepink (mine hasn't come into bloom yet!)
    11: Cutleaf Toothwort

    Now let me see what everyone else said...!

  9. I love to look at them, love their shape and colors...but do not know the names! Thank you for sharing these magnificent photos!

  10. I'm with Woodswalker about #6... the grass-like leaves were confusing me. I'm going to say Bloodroot for #6.

  11. Wow, number 6 looks a lot like twinleaf without...well, the twin leaves. Looking forward to seeing what this one is!

  12. 1) Trillium recurvatum - Prairie Trillium (state threatened).
    2) Uvularia sessilifolia - Merry-bells, Wild Oats or Sessileleaf Bellwort.
    3) Caltha palustris - Marsh Marigolds
    4) Hepatica americana - Round-lobed Hepatica
    5) Viola walteri - Walter's Violet (state threatened)
    6) Jeffersonia diphylla - Twinleaf (you can see the leaves a bit blurred behind the onion leaves. Bloodroot would have significantly more and golden yellow stamens).
    7) Geranium maculatum - Wild Geranium
    8) Cardamine angustata - Slender Toothwort
    9) Trillium flexipes - Nodding Trillium (red flowered form).
    10) Pedicularis canadensis - Wood Betony
    11) Viola blanda - Sweet White Violet
    12) Silene virginica - Fire Pink
    13) Cardamine concatenata - Cutleaf Toothwort

    Thanks for playing!

  13. Ouch. I see I still have LOTS to learn when it comes to wildflowers. Thanks for the quiz, Andrew. I loved playing along, even though I was pretty clueless for most of it!