Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Adams County Spring Break

Spring Break 2011!  For most college students that means packing up the car with swimming trunks and booze and heading someplace warm and wild.  Maybe I'm just weird but a few days down at our property in Adams County sounds better!  For the next four days I will be combing the most botanically diverse and geologically interesting region of Ohio for rare and beautiful early spring bloomers, returning birds, awakening amphibians and so much more.  I've got my eye on some specifics but I'm sure I'll find just as many surprises along the way.  The mystical and never-ending supply of adventures and discoveries in Adams County never disappoint...even if the weather threatens to try.  I look forward to sharing my experiences and photographs with you on the other side!  Here's to a good first half of break...and no turkeys or any other wildlife getting in front of my car either! 

Fall photo of the large unbroken tracts of highly diverse forest the Edge and Shawnee Forest are known for


  1. nice color, nice composition...lovely fall photo!

  2. Hi Andrew...hope your adventures in the forest of Adams County bring you some great finds!! Enjoy!!

  3. Thanks, guys! The trip was an outstanding success with many great experiences, stories and photographs to share!

  4. Great blog! My first visit here... :) I also love nature...

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